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Page exclusively for the medical careers of geriatricians. We focus on the geriatrics profession and try to set out the tasks geriatricians do when carrying out their duties, and likewise geriatricians’ outlook in terms of jobs.

What do geriatricians do ?

The geriatrics profession is centered on elderly subjects. So geriatricians is what doctors who specialise in the elderly are called. They treat all the pathologies related to aging, in hospitals, private clinics, care homes for the elderly (called EHPADs in France) and they also provide home hospitalisation services (called HAD in France). In France, demographic changes and the age pyramid mean that geriatric specialists are highly-sought-after doctors by health establishments. Indeed, the sector offers many opportunities in terms of doctor jobs, and that’s not going away any time soon. A medical recruitment company such as BRM Conseil has well understood this state of affairs. This is the reason why geriatrics is one of the top medical specialities when it comes to the number of people recruited by medical recruitment agencies.

The geriatrician is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the elderly.

The geriatrician is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of the elderly.

Geriatricians take care of elderly patients and provide them with end-of-life care. It is not uncommon for some practitioners to be geriatricians who specialise in palliative care and end-of-life support.

Geriatricians provide comprehensive care to elderly subjects

The purpose of the geriatrician is to treat pathologies related to old age

The purpose of the geriatrician is to treat pathologies related to old age.

Geriatrics is the medical speciality that focusses on the treatment and handling of diseases that affect the elderly. Since elderly people’s health is fragile, they are often exposed to several pathologies at once. The geriatrician’s role consists of taking care of the elderly in a comprehensive manner, and also of addressing the multiple pathologies from which they suffer. This is the reason why that, quite often, geriatricians must have additional university diplomas, such as ones in oncogeriatrics, in geriatric psychiatry, in palliative care, in geriatric cardiology, in Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, and so on, and so forth. When a health establishment entrusts a medical recruitment company with a search for a geriatrician, it is not uncommon that the latter, in its doctor job offer, specifies additional expertise, such as oncogeriatrics or other sub-specialities of geriatrics.

Where do geriatrics doctors practice ?

The profession of geriatrician can be practiced both in general hospitals and in private clinics.

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A geriatrician works in a hospital or a private clinic.

Geriatrics jobs in hospitals and private clinics

When geriatricians practice in hospitals, the way in which they care for patients may vary depending on the different units of the geriatrics department in which they work.

Geriatricians are amongst the top medical specialists, when it comes to the number of specialists hired by both hospitals and private clinics in France. As a result, medical recruitment companies give job offers to geriatricians, as a priority. The nature of geriatric work remains the same, whether practitioners carry on their profession in private clinics or in hospitals. The only difference is in terms of geriatricians’ remuneration. Indeed, the pay of geriatricians who work in hospitals determined by the hospital public service pay table.

Geriatricians usually work in hospitals or private clinics.
A profile in high demand by hospitals and private clinics

A profile in high demand by hospitals and private clinics

A full-time permanent salary between 5500€ and 6500€.

A full-time permanent salary between 5500€ and 6500€.

Under certain circumstances, State-owned hospitals may be able to offer geriatricians a clinical practitioner contract. A distinctive feature of Hospital Clinician status is that remuneration is made up of a fixed pay element and of a variable pay element, with the latter depending on whether targets are met and to what extent they are met. The amount of remuneration can go up to the 13th PH level, plus 65%; that is, a little over €10,000 net per month

When geriatricians have the status of doctors who are the employees of private clinics, then their remuneration is governed by private law. A geriatrician’s remuneration will be freely negotiated between the practitioner and the establishment that is offering him or her a job as a doctor. It should be noted, however, that the monthly pay of a geriatrician on a full-time permanent contact is on average between €5,500 and €6,500.

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