What are the advantages of a medical career as a doctor in a public hospital in France?

4 juin 2020 | Medical career

While the public sector does not boast of the highest salaries, doctors who choose to make their career in public hospitals find that it provides a number of benefits both on a personal level as well as in opportunities for growth. This includes foreign doctors who have the required education and other qualifications.

Stable employment and more equitable pay

Public hospitals in France provide job stability and greater transparency in terms of opportunities for salary increases and advancement for both French and foreign doctors. As a foreign doctor working at a public hospital in France, your salary will be regulated by a predetermined scale, with four levels based on seniority. This allows you to know your present and future salary and your opportunities for advancement within the hospital as a non-French doctor. Note that French doctors’ salaries progress along a different scale that is divided into 13 levels.

Being a doctor in a public hospital also means having the assurance of being able to care for patients in an equitable manner regardless of their income level, removing social criteria from access to medical care. Public hospitals enjoy the logistical resources of the State and the necessary information to operate in the best way possible.

Lastly, while working at a public hospital sometimes means more work and requires more patience in order to care for patients with a wide range of needs and expectations, it’s also an excellent opportunity to learn to rise to the challenge, add a solid reference to your CV, and showcase your knowledge and abilities in the domain of medical care both in France and abroad.

An opportunity to build skills in a human-centered environment

Working as a doctor in a public hospital also means access to career development training plans and support programs. Through training courses, seminars and other resources, doctors in French public hospitals can continue to grow and perfect their skill set while also exercising their profession. Public hospitals also provide very rigorous training and support for their foreign doctors coming from other European Union countries, with the option of language courses as well.

Working in the public sector also means being of service to everyone regardless of social status, as well as benefitting from strong guarantees that allow you to grow in your profession in an environment that puts people first. This is why regulations governing those working in public hospitals allows doctors to get the rest and time off they need in order to be at their best while at work. Psychological and other internal support mechanisms give public hospital doctors an avenue to talk about difficulties they face and find the means to resolve them, without rivalry or politics. It undeniably provides a stable and enriching environment for doctors to practice medicine, with equitable treatment for all, be they French or foreigner.

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