Jobs in France: why are French hospitals recruiting more and more geriatricians?

13 mai 2020 | Medical career

The medical professions of geriatrics and gerontology are experiencing a period of growth. And with good reason. In 2019, more than 20% of people in France were over 65 years old. Demographic studies show that by 2050 the population share of seniors ages 75 and older will be twice what is today.


Growing needs for an industry with a bright future in France


In an effort to meet the major challenge that an aging population represents for our society, geriatrics is currently experiencing a period of high growth that is expected to increase even further in the years to come. As experts in the aging of persons and pathologies associated with old age, geriatricians play a very important role in making it possible for patients to remain at home for as long as possible. This both improves the quality of life for the elderly, as well as can help reduce the strain on hospitals and clinics, which are not always best suited to meeting the needs of an aging population. Geriatrics is on track to be one of the major medical disciplines of the future, with significant opportunities for employment.


A specialty full of learning opportunities, and practiced as a team


Unfortunately, geriatrics isn’t looked on very well by the general public and even by many medical professionals. However, contrary to popular opinion, it is an exciting profession with a great deal of variety, and in constant change thanks to ongoing scientific research. Given how geriatrics is involved in every aspect of the care of the elderly, it is a true team effort that requires constant interaction with other members of the administrative and medical team, including nurses, physical therapists, social assistants, psychologists, etc. Furthermore, geriatricians can practice their profession in a variety of places: private practices, outpatient clinics, EHPAD (retirement homes), at-home care providers, USLD (nursing homes), etc. They can also reasonably expect to enjoy a work schedule whereby they can easily balance their personal and professional lives. Above all, it’s a fascinating occupation, where despite the heavy workload, you engage with patients who have each led a unique life and from whom you can learn a great deal about the human experience. In summary, if you want to add a new skill to those you already have, or wish to switch to a new occupation, or if you’re looking for a job in a satisfying domain and want to contribute to the wellbeing of our senior citizens, a career in geriatrics is made for you!

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