Occupational physician job offer: How much do occupational physicians earn in France?

15 avril 2020 | Medical career

Want more information on salaries for occupational physicians in France? Do you specialize in occupational medicine and wish to practice your profession in France? Would you like to know how much you can expect to earn per year? In this article, we will cover information on occupational physician salaries in France.

The CISME chart: minimum salaries

In France, the CISME (Centre d’Information des Services Médicaux d’Entreprises) publishes an annual chart of occupational physician salaries. This chart sets the minimum compensation rates for the year, effective January 1st. It’s a good chart to know if you are making a career in the medical field. It indicates minimum salaries using a classification scale. This scale is based on the national intracompany collective agreement for occupational health services, dated 20 July 1976. This chart is generally followed by all organizations and companies who employ an occupational physician. You’ll definitely want to look it up to check your potential salary, especially if it’s your first job.

Occupational physician salary and benefits

Note that the salaries indicated on the CISME chart are in fact negotiable. New medical graduates might begin working at level 1 or level 2, or even at a higher level if they have completed additional training. Other factors may also be taken into account when negotiating occupational physician salaries. One particular example is transportation costs. If you are looking to work as an occupational physician, bear in mind that you can also negotiate, as part of your benefits package, attendance to certain conferences, setting up an ongoing training program, and a thirteenth month pay. All of these will affect an occupational physician’s total wages. The collective agreement on which the minimum salary chart published by CISME is based also contains information regarding social security and other benefits for doctors, including as pertains to retirement, life insurance, saving plans, and even meal tickets.

How are occupational physician salaries computed?

Doctors’ salaries can vary considerably, and depend on a number of factors, including years of experience, for example. The more experienced a doctor, the higher salary they can expect to receive. Seniority in the same position or at the same company also plays a role in calculating salaries. Also, bear in mind that an occupational physician’s salary can be higher if the doctor also completes graduate training and acquires new skills. It’s a good idea to inform yourself on a regular basis and to check the CISME chart every year to stay abreast of the salary that you should be receiving.

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