Finding work as a doctor in France: Why use a recruitment agency?

10 mars 2020 | Medical career

Whether it’s the excellent health care system, satisfying remuneration, tax advantages, relocation assistance, or quality of life, France offers many advantages to doctors who wish to practice there. But how does one navigate the proliferation of job offers? The solution: call a specialized recruitment agency for help.

Looking for a job as a physician in France

At first glance, it seems easy enough to find a job using the various communication channels where a wide range of job offers are posted. All across France, hospitals, private health care centers, clinics, nursing facilities, community centers, are all looking for doctors to fill either full-time (CDI), part-time (CDD), or temp positions. Job postings often sound interesting but sometimes not specific or detailed enough. Submitting unsolicited applications can sometimes be unproductive and time consuming. What’s the best approach? How to be sure that the job is right for you? How long will the recruitment process take? A recruitment agency can make your search easier.

Enjoy the benefits of personalized help from a recruitment agency

The health care industry is difficult and exacting. Recruitment agencies dedicated to the health care industry, such as BRM Conseil, are experts in their field and have extensive knowledge of the latest developments in the industry thanks to their frequent contacts with health care professionals. As a result, it draws on a large network that allows it to easily and successfully match supply with demand.

When you sign up, an accredited advisor will be by your side to assist you throughout the recruitment process. Your advisor will draw up your detailed profile by identifying your wishes, motivations, constraints, goals, etc. This will highlight your strong points and help you to ask the right questions that match the realities of the profession and position. Your advisor can also explain the work conditions that you are likely to experience in order to avoid disappointment, and present you with positions and options that you may not have thought of. They will answer all your questions and help you navigate all the required paperwork and legal procedures.

Your advisor will recommend positions that match your profile, will assist you through the selection process (interviews, tests, etc.), and will be available to you all the way until you are set up with your new job.

Using the services of a specialized agency also signals an applicant’s seriousness to recruiters, who know that the candidates were preselected by experts. It also helps you be more efficient, saves you time, and provides the confidence that you can find the position that suits you!

Whether you’re just finishing your studies and looking for your first job, or you’re an experienced doctor wanting to continue your career in France, we’re here to help.

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