Working in France: what are the procedures for working as a general practitioner in France?

26 février 2020 | General Practitioner

Looking to work as a general practitioner in France? Are you a medical student, a French or foreign doctor, or transitioning to the medical sector? Learn about the legal requirements necessary to pursue your career as a general practitioner in France.

Choosing the place to find employment as a doctor in France

As part of the necessary administrative procedures, you will be required to define and state the location where you will practice medicine. This information will determine your registration with the Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins [National Council of the College of Physicians], which is required to legally work in France. It is therefore imperative that you target one or several places to find employment as a general practitioner.

The Conseil national de l’Ordre des médecins

In order to practice medicine as a general practitioner in France, the first step is to register with the Conseil départemental de l’Ordre des médecins [Department Council of the College of Physicians] for the location where you will practice medicine. This step is essential, as without it, one cannot practice medicine on French soil. Upon registration, you will automatically receive your medical license from the Agence des systèmes d’information partagés en santé (ASIP Santé) [Shared Health Care Information Agency].
The Ordre des médecins [College of Physicians] certifies your medical license with a unique RPPS number and lists the place(s) where you will practice medicine as indicated when registering with the Ordre des médecins.

Registering with Assurance Maladie

Once you have received your medical license, you must register with the Assurance Maladie [National Health Insurance Agency] of the department where your practice is located. It is at this stage that you must declare whether you are a conventionné secteur 1 or secteur 2 doctor (the former’s rates are set by the state Social Security, while the latter sets his or her own rates). Assurance Maladie assists general practitioners in completing their registration with the URSSAF.

Insuring your medical practice in France

In France, all doctors must have liability insurance. General practitioners in France are required to insure the medical care which they provide by purchasing a professional liability insurance policy.

Contributing to your retirement pension in France

Whether self-employed, employed part-time or employed full-time, health care professionals are required to make contributions to a pension fund. We recommend registering with the Caisse autonome de retraite des médecins de France (CARMF) [Independent Physicians Pension Fund].

CAF: Your rights and responsibilities

In order to receive the benefits of the Caisse d’allocations familiales (CAF) [Social Benefits Office], general practitioners must be registered with the CAF branch for the place where their medical practice is located.

Premises requirements for general practitioners

General practitioners must provide medical care and receive patients in premises which comply with strict health and hygiene rules. They are also required to post their medical care rates, whether they are a so-called public (charges the medical rates established by the state), or so-called private (sets their own rates) physician (secteur conventionné 1 or 2), and their membership in medical professional associations.

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